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So now to the mysteries of the cinematic deep. I omitted The Poseidon Adventure and Titanic. My neglected classic is The Enemy Below. Like many an Allied war films , its generally respectful of the German war effort..

The Caine Mutiny 1954 Stanley Kramer

Humphrey Bogart shows his versatility as Captian Queeg a war time captain who may have had a breakdown or may be insane and is replaced . This leads to a trial for mutiny.

The Cruel sea 1953 Leslie Norman

The best naval war time movies has Jack Hawkins on the bridge. This has the memorable line
” War is a dreadful business. Fetch me a cup of hot cocoa number two. ” Number two is Stanley Baker for me one of the great film actors of his generation.

Sink the Bismarck 1960 Lewis Gilbert

Another great naval battle .This time its Kenneth More directing operations as Jonathan Shepherd in game of a sea chess he second guesses the German fleet commander to sink the flagship

The African Queen 1951 Sam Spiegel

Humphrey Bogart again as salty sea dog alongside the demure Katherine Hepburn in an old fashioned but exciting romance and sea adventure.

The Enemy Below 1957 Dick Powell

Robert Mitchum pits his wits against Curt Jurgens in his uboat in a game of cat and mouse. One of the scenes when Jurgens takes the uboat deep is more than similar to one in the later Das Boot However the them of an epic duel in the sea is quite different as is the mutual respect for each.

Das Boot 1981 Gunter Rohrbach

I reviewed this before under another section but a terrific depiction of the grimness of sea battle. .

Mutiny of the Bounty 1935 Frank Lloyd

Of the 2 versions , I prefer the earlier Charles Laughton as Captain Bligh

Lifeboat 1944 Alfred Hitchcock

Truth and reconciliation when survivors meets the sinker in this drama rather obviously filmed in a tank by the Master but carried by a lively performance by Tallulah Bankhead

Battleship Potemkin 1925 Eisenstein

The classic film wears well with the famous Odessa steps scene

Yellow submarine. 1965 George Duning

I’m not a huge fan of animation but to bring a contrast to sea engagement this film largely for its Beatles music is worth watching and listening to.

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