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Yesterday I had my first consultation, a week into my new regime of diet and exercise. I am pleased to report that I have lost 2 kilos and that the loss is in fat not muscle. All that gazung but refusing pastries, the endless water, the half bottle of Mercurey still to be finished, the Prosecco in the fridge untouched have had some benefit.

My part-time p/a Polly tells me that I will be feeling better after a week but I have to say I have yet to notice this. How I yearn for a ┬álarge Glenmorangie when I attempt the Telegraph crossword at 6 pm, or a rich burgundy with a fatty creamy French cheese. They have raised me two levels on the treadmill and I have to complete 15 individual exercises of weights, and stretches. The Tickler body is becoming a temple – a veritable testament to body sculpture.

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