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Jane Shillingford gets frustrated with her own sex

We learn from media reports today today that feminist groups – and particularly eight women who were allegedly duped into having relationships with male police officers – are up in arms about a new code of practice which does not absolutely forbid undercover agents from having sex with members of groups they infiltrate.

I’m sorry to risk offending the sisterhood, but such howls of outrage irritate me greatly.

Fundamentally, they seek to absolve women from taking responsibility for their own actions.

Let us face the facts. Shock, horror! Men and women have sex together. The idea that women can freely enter into relationships with men – but then later claim compensation if the objects of their lust and affection turn out to be not quite what or whom they claimed to be, is totally absurd.

If that were the case, certainly in my experience, approximately 75% of the world’s male population should be behind bars.

What’s more, so should 50% of women.

Taken to its logical conclusion, the ‘principle’ these protesters seek to establish would mean that every supposed titled gentleman who boasted of his vast pile in the country and his celebrity friends … who then turned out neither to be a hereditary peer sitting on a pile of cash, nor indeed a pal of Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock … could be sued for deceit every time some ditzy bint dropped her drawers for him.

By the same token, presumably, any poor, unsuspecting male who marries a loving, attentive, pert-figured young blonde … and then finds her turning into a frumpy, middle-aged harridan who wastes all his money at  coffee mornings before spending the rest of the day shopping at Harvey & Nicks … would be entitled to feel similar disappointment, backed by legal action and compensation?

Come off it!

Life is tough enough without inserting a quasi-legal ‘sense of entitlement’ into proceedings.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m suitably disappointed when politicians don’t keep their promises, when the contractor I hired to refurbish my bathroom suite does inferior work or goes bust, and when my bestest-girlfriend steals the man that I had my own eyes on from under my nose. You put your trust in human beings … and they let you down.

Well, hallooooo, people! Welcome to the real world!

Here’s a link to an article on the new ‘undercover agent’ code  controversy, as seen on the website of THE GUARDIAN



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