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Religious Film List

 I would term these as movies where religion, faith or lack of it, or a religious character, play an important role.


Of Gods and Men 2010 Xavier Beauvais

A stirring tale  of a monastic order in a quandary as to whether to go or stay in the face of fundamentalist terrorists, in which the excellent Christopher Lambert stars.

Becket 1964 Peter Glenville

Peter  o’Toole and Richard Burton dominate this film, based on a play by Jean Anouilh, in which a close friendship between monarch and prelate goes awry.

Ben Hur 1959 William Wyler

The ultimate epic starring Charlton Heston, Stephen Boyd and Jack Hawkins in which you never see the face of Christ..

Exodus 1959 Otto Preminger

At the  film premier American satirist Mort Zahl stood up and said “Let my people go”. Despite its length, nonetheless a moving representation of the fight for independence of the Jewish state

Angels  with Dirty Faces 1938 Michael Curtiz

Two kids grow up in Hell’s Kitchen. One, James Cagney, becomes a mobster and the other, Pat O’Brien, a priest. Jimmy Cagney has the line “What do you do, what do you say”. They come together again in a battle to save other kids from a life of crime.

Life of Brian 1979 Terry Jones

A lack of faith movie about Brian Cohen from the Monty Python team. He is born in the stable next door and forever mistaken for Christ.

Night of the Hunter 1955 Charles Laughton

Arguably Robert Mitchum’s best role, as a warped preacher with love and hate tattooed on his knuckles in a grim fairy tale.

On the Waterfront 1956 Elia Kazan

Karl Malden gives a powerful performance as a priest who stands up to the mob and, if required, delivers a mean left hander.

The Ten Commandments 1923 and 1956 Cecil,B de Mille

There are two – one from the silent era, the other in 1953 starring a Charlton Heston and, in more minor roles, Vincent Price and John Carradine.

Of my regular contributors, Tim Young  has listed St Matthew Passion by Pasolini, Craig Coben A Serious Man by the Coen Brothers and Passion of Christ.

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