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Readers might be surprised that in a day of upheaval with myriad of challenges and maximum turbulence I should be writing on the ongoing problems of my tv reception but I don’t think I can add anything useful to the debate except it may not be over. Ireland and Denmark had second referenda on Maaastricht which produced a different result and a new Tory leader might well go to the country as Gordon Brown did not. This could result  in a Remain party being elected as I doubt if the Tories would enjoy the same non metro traditonal Labour support that carried the leave day. The Remain party may argue that they have a different mandate to the non legal result of this referendum.

Here is an interesting  article on the subject by a barrister – REFLECTION

tv3Back to my telly and its Sky reception.

Exasperated  by the useless service at SKY, waiting for 10 minutes before I struck human voice and endless exhortations to use their website, I googled for a local engineer and struck lucky with one 2 miles away. He said he could come yesterday. To be fair he attempted to do so first thing  but I missed his two calls. I was therefore his last call around 5-7 pm. At 6-45pm I contacted him to be told he would be one hour, taking it to 7-45. Another call at 7-30 indicated he was 20 miles away and he finally arrived at 8-15 having delayed my supper with my partner. My mood which hit an all time low at 7-30 lightened as he was a friendly sort and although I am straight I was struck by his film star looks of blue eyes and blonde hair, a bit of Di Caprio. More importantly he resolved the problem of a worn cable in 5 mimutes. He also looked at my dvd portable appliance, pronouncing it kaput and identified a way I could record and watch another programme. All for £40. My faith in satellite repair has been restored. I thought it would be a quick matter to cancel the Sky engineer but you guessed it, I have to go online to do this. After answering various security questions I was informed the service was unavailable .


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