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Second Day

When it comes to the Open, I am definitely in the attendance camp.

The weather conditions are integral and best appreciated if there.

On the second day, it was initially so cold and wet that I stayed in my room in the morning.

I did go out to the kitchen and Alan Tanner would be jealous as the American who engaged me in conversation turned out to be the lawyer of the owner of Fulham.

It did clear up in the early afternoon when I made my way to the course. Then the wind blew but it stayed sunny.

I won’t say too much about the adieu of Tiger – as it may not be so – but I can’t see him returning to the Home of Golf when it next hosts the Open in 2030.

He is not the only American who enjoys the event as St. Andrews is full of them.

They are most friendly as I found out in the Scorers Premium Hospitality tent.

One Scottish golf fan I spoke to offered the theory that Tiger is contractually obliged by his sponsor (Nike) to continue.

Yes, there were a few drunks by the end and – as in most British sporting events – it was difficult on departure to find a taxi or bus.

I swerved the travel company cocktail company as my legs were tired and all the more so as I had to walk back to base.

It had been quite a day for me and tourney leader, Cameron Smith.

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