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CassiusIt’s been quieter here since the attempted break in August. I have been teling the Master for years in my security audits that the place is vulnerable but does he listen?

The Lebanese security detail did well to apprehend the burglars when they tried to knock down the front door. I took up an interior position in an alcove Kalashnikov trained. As a Mossad instructor I knew that you fire into the chest as you can miss the head but the burglars never gained entrance. I was less than impressed by the Metropolitan Police so called rapid response unit who took half an hour to arrive. The sniffer Alsatian gave me a odd look
” come and have a go, sonny, I said if you think you’re hard.”

I could have immobilised him in under 10 seconds.

However well you train an operational unit you need to assess them under red alert and they performed well. Thank goodness the a master was inNewcastle. He is the last person you want around  on a  high level security operation


We had a South African friend of the Master staying here. Needless to say he would not apply the normal security checks on her so I had some friends in the airport run her over. I had to give up my quarters which did not please me too much. The girl fell in love with me as most girls do but since I was treated they are not much use. Unlike the Master I find them only a distraction.

Head of Security