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There are many reasons why sex can be sublime: the gratification of lust, the exquisite sensation, the beauty of your partner,experimentation but I would say that humour would not feature highly in people’s list. This is a shame as some of the funniest remarks in my life have been made during or post lovemaking.

A few years ago I had a beautiful lover whom I will call C just in case she is reading this. C was undoubtedly the wittiest most entertaining girl I ever met which is all the more impressive as English was her third language. Once after a vigorous bout of lovemaking I felt compelled to compliment her in terms which were perhaps incompatible with our casual liaison in which neither party were faithful. C had a beautiful face not unlike Keira Knightly with the cutest freckles on her nose. I said to her “a face without freckles is a sky without stars ” which still in poetic mode set me off. C considered the compliments with a puzzled frown as if she was some emotional distance from them .She reflected for a moment then replied

“Morris ( my cat): where does he urinate?”

I was laughing so much I was no longer capable of any further sexual performance



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