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In the week I watched a programme presented by Michael Mosley on sleep.

He underwent various tests by a research team in Oxford University on his  mental state during the various stages of sleep.

One of the team made the extraordinary assertion – which went unchallenged – that poor sleep can lead to strokes and indeed cancer.  She supported her theory with no evidence.

For me, who like many a Ruster does not enjoy the proverbial recommended 8 hours continuous sleep, the approach is all wrong.

It’s better to accept poor sleep and work round it.

I know of one Ruster who goes to bed very early and wakes in the early hours.

He will then work through the night.

I habitually wake in the early hours and get back to sleep around 5 am.

Continuous sleep is a 20th century phenomenon.

In the past sleepers with a broken pattern would even get up and go out, resuming their sleep later.

Personally I enjoy watching the dawn rise.

It’s a time when I can work peacefully and productively.

After a couple of hours – and a hot peppermint or camomile tea – fatigue sets in and I can resume sleep.

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