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Ten pound Poms

I saw the last episode of this drama last Sunday and enjoyed it.

To a certain extent it rounded things off to another it left matters open as the director and producer James  Brockenhurst and cast must surely hope for a second series.

It deserves it but there may not be enough for the “yoof” market as it’s set in the 50s.

The central theme is the search for a new and better life for those who took up the £10 offer to emigrate to Australia and the disappointments they encounter in the form of abuse, prejudice and strain.

The drama centres  on one family from Manchester. Terry (Warren Brown) was in Dresden when it was bombed during World War Two and shot a young German soldier pleading for his life.  The experience left him an alcoholic.  His wife Anne (Faye Marslay) has more drive and intelligence.

In the final episode she organised a demonstration in the camp outside the hut of one who takes his life.

There is a twist as Margaret is reunited with her cruel husband attempts to do the same in a boat but is saved by her ex-lover the supervisor of the site.

Kate (Michele Keegan) a nurse is reunited with her son who is perfectly happy with his adoptive parents.

One of the features of this of the drama is the absence of black and white traits but shade.

Terry is in some ways the most sympathetic but an alcoholic. Anne takes a lover and could be more sympathetic when her intelligent daughter Patti becomes pregnant.

Kate uses deception to enter the house in order to question the adoptive mother of her son.

Also some of the issues of post-War Australia, the treatment of the aborigines and the White Australia immigration policy are not glossed over.

The country does not turn out to be the paradise promoted in the Ten Pound Pom policy.

My partner – like many – was glued to the Ashes where the rivalry of Aussies v Poms was never far off the surface.

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