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The Brighton Marathon

There was a turn out of watching Rusters to cheer on Polly who was running the marathon. She had shin splints and I urged her to withdraw.  She would have none of it  and went the full distance in great heat.

We assumed our position at a Marine Gate on the Western route of the marathon. Bob Tickler set up a roadside picnic table with Fortnums hamper “Do you think the runners would like some Dom Pom?” He asked  in all seriousness.

The elite runners came first , sleek and speedy, mainly Kenyan. After that came the serious and competent runners.  Then there was a final numerous  group of all sorts and sizes, ages and genders. Bob thought he saw Polly amongst this group and bellowed “Go Polly, Yay!” but later she said it was not her.  By this time Bob was downing whisky sours with an actress of his acquaintance at a bar overlooking the Marina “All the exertion a man needs” he observed.

However, nearly 10,000 did  compete and it was a Kenyan double with Duncan Maiyo winning the men’s and Pennina Wanjuru the women’s event.

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