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The danger of action and consequence

Robert Fisk is a long-time and respected reporter/commentator upon affairs in the Middle-East, north Africa, Syria and Palestine. I don’t know full details of his political standpoint, but let’s put it this way – he never seems to hold back when criticising the West and/or Israel.

Separately, I’ve never made a secret of my cynicism towards British – or should that be ‘all’? – politicians, nor of my view of David Cameron as a Tory version of (all style and no substance) Labour’s Tony Blair. It therefore goes almost without saying that I’m always suspicious when our current Prime Minister proposes that the UK should go to war, as he did in Libya and now (twice) in Syria – first time, against the regime of President al-Assad, rejected by Parliament – second time in order to join the supposed ‘coalition of the willing’ determined to wipe out ISIS or Islamic State.

I first spotted this article by Robert Fisk on the website of The Independent in the wee hours of Monday morning but came across it again today. I feel it’s worth recommending to Rust readers and providing a link to, see here – THE INDEPENDENT


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