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The Euros so far

The best teams do not necessarily win tournaments.

Brazil were the best team at the 1992 World Cup in Spain but Italy beat them and won the title.

Italy drew all 3 of their group games but the team that impressed most in the qualifying stage do not tend to win either.

The team that gathers momentum, sometimes after a shaky start, can often triumph as Argentina did in the last World Cup.

Germany look good but may come unstuck later.

Less traditional is the amount of precocious young talent on view. It’s hard to believe that Jude Bellingham,  now at his third club is still only 20 and most of his team mates (Saka, Gallagher, Foden, Palmer, Guéhi) only a few years older.

Hardy perennials like Banuucci and Chielini are absent.

Every major footballing nation is fielding young talent like Musiala of Germany.

Who will win? A bit early to say. France have a strong team but the French election on the 7th July may divide the team.

Germany have a powerful mentality and are the host nation and cannot be overlooked.


Same old, same old. Key players do not replicate club form and lack of competitiveness. England’s defence is not top class and Phil Foden has yet to impress; Gareth Southgate ticks all the boxes except the winning one.

Pargie has France to win and Belgium each way.

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