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The Importance of being Important

One of the oddities of contemporary British life is our obsession with people of little national importance.

One such is Dr Who. I watched this as a child, with Wiliam Hartnell as the Doctor and the Daleks, and rather enjoyed it. Nowadays the announcement of a new Doctor Who is heralded as if he were the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Another is Nigella Lawson. Am I alone in not being remotely interested in the public break up of her marriage? Or whether she takes cocaine regularly or not? In fancy I cannot think of anything she might do for me except cook a beef stroganoff naked which would engender any interest in her at all.

Oddly enough I do admire Jordan. Here is a woman of seemingly little obvious talent other than her self promotion. She has in fact made a career out of herself. I say good luck to her.

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