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The law of diminishing returns

Inevtiably I pose the question  to myself and others could I live here permanently or semi -permanently and the answer is an emphatic “non”.

There are more problems with ownership of an overseas property then benefits. True, they are easy and relatively  key cheap to buy. As I write this thre an estate agent’s  glossy mag is beside offering  3 room flats for €269000 in Nice cheaper than  Brighton. However they are difficult to sell and the exchange rate might turn aganst you. Add to this   that if we Brexit traveling and medical rights will be affected, that running an apartment from abroad  is problematic  or getting agency so to do expensive . However the crucial point is that you are committed to the same place whereas to visit a variety of differnt destinations would be considerably less expensive and more fun.

This is not to denigrate Nice. How could I when yesterday I was enjoying a delicious sea food salad by the sea in 68*?   The city has much to commend it and if you need to get back to Blighty  there is a fare of under £100 and a journey time of one hout 40 minutes. Daffers ‘s friend Jocleyn returns for the day to watch the test. However this reinforces my view that a rental apartment is the best course.

As to a permanent shift  of residence I could not tolerate this at all. My main beef would be the bloody mindedness of the French,  a race that seem to delight in the word “non”. If citizenship is taught in French schools everyone playes truant. France has the highest road deaths in Europe. This is not  because  they are bad drivers but highway courtesy is nonexistent.  Grania was nearly mowed down on a pedestrian crossing witha green man showing , only her athletic  speed saved her. On attendimg at Barclays I was told that nothing could be done without  a passport or identity card even though I could easily prove I held an account there . A friend of mine who worked in Paris said there is no custom of a drink after work with a colleague as they are not team players.

The expat community seem to cope well with custom and language but  clear off in the high summer when the weather and crowdedness are insufferable. With Internet and sky they can stay more in touch but I would prefer to stay where I am .

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