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The right call

When was the last time you picked up the phone to call a friend? Or, put it another way, how many calls do you make in proportion to texts and emails sent?

Yesterday evening, as is my wont, I was doing the Telegraph crossword, with a malt whisky and a William Kempe CD playing Beethoven in the background, when my mobile rang. It was an old Uni pal who stated straight away he was just calling for a chat and to wish me Happy New Year. The call could not be better timed and we passed 20 minutes both catching up and chewing the cud.  It was possibly the most enjoyable event of the day.

I  am dating a woman and we are still in that exciting getting- to-know-you mode. In the day I received 2 emails from her and despatched 3. Each was affectionate, but clearly neither of us felt inclined to call particularly as we are meeting up later in the week. I run a small property management business and my financial controller texted to confirm her attendance, but one of my part-time receptionists – with whom I had a disagreement pre Xmas – has not contacted me. Again, in neither case did we speak even though with the receptionist there is an issue to resolve.

I speak to quite a few people (in my capacity as a self -appointed agony uncle) who found the festive period interminable, if not depressing, but again few phone calls seem to be made. It’s certainly a reflection of our time that texting and emailing have replaced oral dialogue and I am not convinced this is a good thing.


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