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The Tanner Report / Fulham 4 Reading 2

When Orlando Sa, once of the Fulham parish, rolled in a second Reading goal after Tom Cairney was dispossessed and Tim Ream made no sort of challenge I would have liked to be a clairvoyant  to read Kit Symons’ mind. He must  surely have thought that time was up not just on his Fulham career but possibly his football one too. Then in 6 minutes we score three times and add a fourth to run out comfortable winners. All this against a team that hitherto has only conceded 8 goals all season. To me it illustrated my theory that football is not susceptible to the statistical moneyball American analysis. The only conclusions I would draw after 13 games are that (1) we have the best forwards in the division; (2) a midfield that yet to gell; and (3) still are quite capable  of conceding two goals every game. I would also add that the division is quite open, with no stand-out team and most capable of beating another.

Let us not also forget that Kit was propelled from temporary to permanent management on a wave  of popular supporters feeling. This has now evaporated but many fans would rather not revisit that period when it was often said by them that we did not need an appointments committee as it was blindingly obvious that Kit was the only choice. In fact it was not as events proved as two front line contenders for the job, Chris  Hughton of Brighton and Steve Clarke of Reading, manage teams that going into the game lay first and third.

All of this said, we do not need yet more upheaval and those anonymous know-all posters on the message boards and others whilst very precise on Kit’s inadequacy are  less so on who should replace him. The fact is there is no obvious candidate and supposing if yet again the powers that be  get it wrong?


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