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Trawling the internet via the media websites overnight I came upon the following piece on the website of the Daily Mail – as Rusters will appreciate from experience, one of the few newspapers that still allow human beings to “link” their stories to pals and third parties – and considered it worthy of being brought to the attention of our readers.

It comes with our standard caveat, of course, viz. that – whenever any of our columnists draw to the world’s attention the latest example of the younger generations’ collective madness, stupidity/ignorance of (or indeed unwillingness to learn from) the lessons of human history and/or just general lack of basic common sense – his (or her) comments and/or points will inevitably face accusations that they come from an elderly, curmudgeonly, out-of-touch has-been.

In cases such as this one, however, I am more than happy to plead “guilty as charged”.

Sometimes the facts speak for themselves – and if 21st Century man (or woman) cannot understand or appreciate that – then frankly, in my view, they deserve anything and everything that is coming down the track …

Without further ado, I therefore present this report upon the latest publication issued by the Girl Guides organisation to its members and followers unadulterated, straightforwardly and without further comment (none being needed):-

See here – as appears today upon the website of the – DAILY MAIL



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