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Thoughts on the Royal Coronation

Now that the hubbub has died down and we have an unnecessary and grey bank holiday, here are my random thoughts on the Royal Coronation.

I’m no fan of King Charles III, considering him a poor thinker and privileged.

Worst he thinks he has the right to impose and inflict his views on us.

Thus I was not initially disposed to watch the Coronation but was persuaded so to do by an excellent podcast by the historian Tom Holland who traced the Coronation back to the reign of King Edgar in the tenth century and the anointing of the biblical King Solomon.

Whilst this Coronation had more than a nod to diversity it was a traditional ceremony.

Whilst much was made of service and duty my impression is that Charles will do what he wants.

He wanted to be unfaithful, marry a divorced woman and have her made Queen, so he does so. It was forever thus.

Henry VIII was Defender of the Faith but changed his faith and that of the nation so he could marry Anne Boleyn and divorce Katherine of Aragon.

The service was officiated by the Archbishop of Canterbury but it must have offended some Anglicans that both Charles and Camilla stand there as divorcees.

Of course the Royals know how to put on a show of pageantry and flummery.

But does this reach a younger generation? A guest came round for drinks on Thursday and doubted whether the Royal Family will survive beyond Prince George.

That great commentator on Britain – the ex-US ambassador Ray Seitz – in his book thought it would be difficult to unstitch the Royal Family: prosecutions are made in their name, the honours system, the Royal warrants and the Post boxes all look like they are here to stay but much damage has come from within from Princes Andrew and Harry.

The Royals are not that bright and Meghan and the tabloid press can easily outwit then.

I remember Prince Charles’ wedding to Lady Diana for the fine singing of Kiri Te Kanawa.

The line-up by comparison for the Coronation Concert was a pale impersonation, a long list of the greats of British music world were not there.

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