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There’s only one traditional and absolute rule in Rust-land, which is that there are no rules, instructions or boundaries – well, apart from those we impose upon ourselves.

I’m pretty sure – though not 100% certain because none of this has ever been explained to me, indeed everything seems to be deliberately left vague and/or to the vagaries of chance, whim or hangover – that we have among our list of correspondents not only those who have never produced a single post upon their chosen (or given) specialist subject but indeed those who have never posted at all.

In which spirit I am making no apology or excuse today for seeking to direct our readers to two pieces on sport that are featuring today in the British media. Both items are worthy of as wide an exposure as possible.

They are:

Ian Herbert (The Independent‘s Chief Sport Writer) on the ‘difficult’ subject of the current cheating – largely involving performance-enhancing drugs – scandal rocking the world of track and field, see here – DRUGS AND ATHLETICS

Andy Bull writing on the website of The Guardian on his investigation into the reasons that New Zealand – a country with a population of  only 4 million – has and will probably always retain its historic connection with the sport of rugby union, see here – RUGBY DYNASTY