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When push comes to shove …

Sometimes in life – and in the world’s press or social media – it becomes a case of ‘You couldn’t make it up’.

Over the past fortnight I’ve noticed stories on the classier newspaper websites about the prospect that, in the not too far off future, not only will women be able to reproduce without the need for any male involvement [by a process involving growing cells in a laboratory and then implanting them] but that – thanks to anticipated developments in robotic artificial intelligence – our descendants will be able to circumvent, not only the vexatious complications of face-to-face human relations but also the risks and time-wasting aspects of online dating etc., by the simple expedient of acquiring some sort of perfect Android facsimile of their perfect partner … and never having to leave home at all.

After all, I suppose the theory runs, why go to the expense and complications involved in ‘going out’ at all when – thanks to technology to the stage it will have advanced by then – human beings will be able to experience literally anything they want, whether humdrum or adventurous, in glorious 3D quadrophonic technicolour at the simple touch of a button whilst sitting in their domestic ‘entertainment’ rooms?

I knew there was going to be trouble all those years ago when the feminist sisterhood began crowing with knowing mirth that “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle …”

For some time now I had been planning to blog a tart reminder to the young of today that – when all is said and done – there is still a lot to be said for good, old-fashioned, life-enhancing, messy, uncertain, exasperating, joyous and irritating sexual relationships between women and men.

That is, until I saw this report today on the website of the – DAILY MAIL

Maybe I shouldn’t be so hasty after all …

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