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Why can’t a woman be like a man?

I’m sure my readers are familiar with this song from My Fair Lady, which I have always considered to be an accurate reflection of my views on the fair sex and probably accounts for my bachelor status. From time to time a woman tries hard to organise me domestically and the harder she tries the more a crusty bachelor I become.

I have a South African lady staying with me. A tour operator, she always looks after me on my trips to Cape Town. I hardly need the services of my housekeeper as she is forever cleaning, tidying and busying herself in my new coastal residence with a constant supply of suggestions on how to improve it. Now, a bloke in similar circumstances would get in the beers and Indian takeaway, put his feet up, make a bit of a mess and the organisation of the home would be the last thing on his mind.

Professor Henry  Higgins (Rex Harrison) in My Fair Lady could not have put it better to Colonel Pickering (Wilfred Hyde White):

Men are so honest , so easy to please

whenever you ‘re with them you’re always at ease.”

The full lyrics and dialogue are here – WHY CAN’T A WOMAN …










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