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I would like to initiate a debate – along the lines of the tv v attendance one – on whether it’s better to stay at home or take a British holiday. There are the variables of weather as in our week we only had one rainless day in seven. For all the beauty of Pridmouth Cove the house lacked creature comforts. We had to bring our own towels and the only toiletry was a small bar of soap. When I returned to my own residence yesterday, I was immediately struck how much more comfortable it was.

I too found the Cornish an unwelcoming lot. Added to that, the area was deficient in mobile connectivity. I had a “domestic” , a problem with a cleaner which I could not resolve by contact with her or Polly as there was no mobile service in the home or vicinity. I therefore found that, rather than being a break from which to return refreshed, I was more stressed by being away. In bad weather at home, Neil can advise me on a dvd film, or I can watch my telly, or pick up a book, but the spectrum of recreational activity was limited in Cornwall. Nor did I find the accommodation or restaurants any cheaper, whereas on a trip abroad, where the weather is guaranteed, cheaper prices all round do compensate for the fares ( reducing all the time with the diminishing cost of fuel) to get there. My school friend, who has a second home in Penzance, said the Cornish Riviera is a myth weather wise. Having been to the real Riviera few months ago and enjoyed fine weather, food, and ambience, it’s kilometres ahead in terms of holiday-making and it was about as accessible in travelling time.

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