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A busy press day

Some days there seems to be nothing happening in the world – and the next the internet just keeps giving.

Here are links to some pieces that appear today upon the websites of UK national newspapers:


From a world which some Rusters feel may be over-represented on the pages of this organ, here comes a blistering criticism of the performance of current Tory Transport Secretary Chris Grayling in an editorial from – THE INDEPENDENT


One of the sports department’s enduring campaigns is on the troubled and complicated topic of performance-enhancing drugs, an issue that (it seems) will never go away, or be dealt with at it should, i.e. with zero tolerance.

See here for a disturbing report on allegations of drug-taking in the game of bridge, which is apparently vying to become an Olympic ‘sport’ , as appears today upon the website of – THE GUARDIAN

And here’s another upon an Austrian skier Max Hauke, who was apparently caught red-handed doping himself during a raid at the Nordic World Cup Ski Championships, as appears today on the website of – THE INDEPENDENT

These days it seems that most global sports are struggling to come to terms with the ever-moving demands of commerce, television rights and the general goal of ‘taking their product to the masses that are not yet devotees’.

Here’s Robert Kitson reporting upon some of the complex issues facing Nigel Melville, shortly to step down as the RFU’s temporary CEO, as spotted on the website of – THE GUARDIAN 

Here’s Jonathan Liew, a bit of a ‘Marmite ‘journalist for some – putting the boot into the England & Wales Cricket Board’s plan to launch a totally new format of the game called The Hundred – as spotted upon the website of – THE INDEPENDENT


Here’s a review – sixty years on after its first release – of one of jazz trumpeter Miles Davis’s most iconic albums Kind of Blue. It almost makes you wish you’d heard at least a couple of tracks from it.

I have do admit that, to be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever knowingly heard even a single note from the album. Interesting review though – see here – THE INDEPENDENT



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