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A close shave

In my youth I had a stint at an advertising agency. I did not learn too much about commerce, as in those days the admen were out for lengthy lunches. However, I did receive one piece of advice which I wish I followed yesterday. Seeing my young cheeks nicked by shaving scars, one of the executives had advised me to rub a new razor against a towel. Yesterday, whilst I was shaving, the fresh keen blade came loose and slashed my skin. There was a torrent of blood in the way that facial cuts can sometimes produce. I did not have a clue what to do. A&E? Summon my doctor? Go to one of those walk-in places? I had a vague notion that the bleeding would stop but there seemed no immediate sign of this. Eventually it did, leaving 2 small reddish blemishes, which concerned me as I have to give a speech at a birthday celebration. Various remedies were advised. There is a cosmetic application conceal, a stick or juice from the aloe plant which has healing properties, although I have a dim view of herbal and homeopathic medicine as quackery.  The bleeding staunched and stopped, I did nothing except to wonder how such two teeny weeny scabs could produce such blood loss and imagine what it would be like if you are really attacked with a blade or Stanley knife?

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