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A day at Wimbledon

Uncle Bob (Robert Tickler) informed me that negotiations have broken down for the sale of his debenture ticket and would I like to go?

Of course I would – though I have never accepted that Wimbledon is primus inter pares of the 4 Major tournaments.

The staff were even more officious than normal with the pandemic rules and the prices for strawberries and Pimms were ridiculous.

I stopped off at my  station M & S for a some strawberries, sandwiches and half bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.

The seat was well-positioned behind the Royal Box. I prefer to view behind the baselines.

I reckon the Centre Court was 80% full.

The weather was uncertain and a wind affected the height of tossing the ball for service.

In the first game on court Novak Djokovic easily disposed of Cristian Garin.

Djokovic is a spritely 34 and at least 6 times sprinted to the net to play a winner. He also has an immense variety of strokes though not Roger Federer’s elan.

For me  the is the GOAT.

In the second match – between Coco Gauff and Angelique Kerber – the former had a power game, particularly a powerful service a la Serena Williams, but the German had more subtlety and grace.

I was home in time to see the sad retirement of Emma Raducanu.

It was typical of John McEnroe and the commentator who is an ex-player to talk of his first appearance at Wimbledon at the same age (18).

McEnroe is quite fluent but most of the ex-players are not trained broadcasters and at best should be game analysts.

Sadly the age of the great commentators like Dan Maskell is gone.

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