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Brighton Marina is not well served by restaurants almost all are chains – purveying  fast food. The Seattle hotel has been taken over and re-branded by the Malmaison Group.  I went there with Editor of the Rust and our Web designer.

You take a lift up from street to the second level where there are spacious lounges and decking overlooking the Marina   There was only one other couple and Miles recognised one of them as Bruce Welch of the Shadows.

I had scallops with a pea purée indivualy served in shells and Iberian pork chop. Both were divine and the other diners were complimentary. The service was efficient but hardly pressed. We wanted to talk calmly about Internet improvements so it proved an ideal venue. A great addition to the Marina



gaultierI had heard only good things of this French Restauant in Romilly St Soho. You have to ring a bell to enter and we were shown to an upper floor dining room.

My companion was a former Headmaster whose pupils included one now packing removal boxes (David Cameron).

I have formed post Nice a dislike of pretentious French restaurants and needed  a bit of convincing. I was – by a sword fish salad, fresh an summery, breast of Guinea fowl succulent and sorbets. Each dish  had a reference to the number of calories.

I see why the restaurant has the reputation it enjoys and at £35 per head with one glass of wine good value too.



maison2I returned here with a French girlfriend, Martine, frightfully clever with a masters degree in sociology. She knows her food and was highly complimentary of her starters and mains. The only problem here – and it’s a significant one – is that the noise level is so high. It appears to be patronised by rich financiers, one such group was making an enormous noise. There are no quiet tables as many as possible are packed in. This is my third visit and I now know the menu well. We had sharing plates of octopus, carpaccio , snails, burrata and tomato salad and mains of sea bream and sole, the best my friend Martine has ever tasted. It certainly is not cheap but like its Nicois namesake you eat terrifically well without feeling stuffed. I found a Bourgognwe Aligote under £50. When I go again it will be for lunch when there is is less hubbub.

Because of the proximity of tables I was able to follow the conversation of the two diners on the adjoining table. It was a first date and take it from Auntie Daffers the guy was really messing up talking of his children. (Lady thinking: I don’t want to take these on). Be funny and keep it simple. He ordered champagne. The Maitre D at Langans (Michael) once told me he could chart a relationship by the wine ordered. Finally the conversation turned to that reliable last resort topic Brexit, but with things settling down those struggling to find other topics will have to think and speak again. Bet that guy was sleeping alone!!!!

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