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I totally agree with my travelling companions in their aversion to buffets. Invariably the food gets cold, you have to queue behind a fat German and a brat in a Barcelona shirt, and even if you get a cooked hot meal it’s coolled down by the time you get to your table.

By Monday we decided enough already and headed off to the nearby Marina to Buenos Aires an Argentinian steak house.

There I had a huge and delicious rib eye steak washed down with a glass of Malbec.

The restaurant was full, soulful Argentinian music was played , the service friendly and concerned. At 40 euros it was an excellent gastronomic experience and the dishy gaucho of a waiter definitely gave Daffers the eye !!!

I could ride out with him on the Pampas any day of the week!

Yesterday we travelled into the resort Playa Blanca to meet some friends of Nancy.

They had suggested Isla Bonita. It shows the power of TripAdvisor as that was their source and guide. It proved a good choice.

I had gazpacho cooked a la creamer Seville variety and a platter of grilled fish. My only complaint was that it took some 20 minutes to serve the first course.

I hate being hungry in a restaurant. It was the occasion as we were on holiday for a long drawn-out, boozy lunch by the sea and that we had. This worked out at 35 euros per head.

They gave us a complimentary digestif too. Conversation turned to what role the Canaries played in the Second World War. The lady said you would do well to find out anything but in reality they had a hard time with little food and after the war French-style shaving of heads and recrimination. Bob asked if there was any independent party. The reply came that the Canaries are so far south, they are only 80 miles off the coast of West Africa that they lead an independent life anyway.

As for the hotel it’s probably more designed for families than single adults.

Given our privileged status I was surprised that I had to pay 5 euros for 10 nespresso capsules and three times yesterday the entry card for my room failed to work.

On each occasion I was told I left it next to my mobile which I had not as I’m aware it can de-magnetise it.

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