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A la Colthard

So far we have had only one meal out and a rather disappointing one too in what is generally regarded as the best restaurant in the Cours Saleya market, the Safari.

Nice seems much more expensive than last year. So we send Monsieur Bob down with his wheelie to the market first thing.

He stops off at his beloved Therese for fruit and asparagus and then Suzanne, a florid German frau, for her meats and salads.

We knock up a fresh salad and fruit salad for lunch and consume this with chilled rose whilst enjoying one of the best views of Nice.

Whilst definitely better than back home it’s rather blowy here and once we have watched the glorious sunset over the bay and hills retire indoors.

The USP of the apartment is the spectacular view over that bay through the two large French windows but we have noticed and noted little things that the landlords/agent should improve.

The Neff stove has so many safety features as to be incomprehensibly unworkable and the joke is I nearly burned my hand to test it as you cannot be sure if its heating or not!!!

This supports my theory that there is an exaggerated estimation of German domestic appliance in the UK.

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