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A la Colthard

Just as the Roaring Twenties followed the Spanish Flu I predict by the middle of next year a real upswing in the hospitality sector.

In the last week I have visited 3 quite different restaurants: a high end popular restaurant in London, a local pub and a neighbourhood Trattoria and the vibe in each was identical – diners elated to be going out.

There were the constraints of one household/safety bubble/business meeting. We had to fill in forms and scan.  However this did not inhibit the festive ambience.

Although I am optimistic that those that have survived this year will prosper next, I can foresee the real benefactors will be those that provide value.

I cannot see that many millennials, worried about their job prospects, forking out £ 75+ in some swanky restaurant but I can see groups of friends spending £30 for more basic fare and enjoying the going out experience.

I can see business people bored with a day of Zoom meetings relishing face to face restaurant encounters.  The middle ground of £30-50 might the squeezed as this is an overpopulated sector already.

In one sense 2 lockdowns have been beneficial to the hospitality industry. They have heightened the desire to go out.

I picked up this mood in London and there were media stories of secret parties in restaurants as if it was the Prohibition. You can only lock up people so long.

Now they are rarin to go! This one certainly is!!!

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