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A la Colthard – Claridges & Hush but first the hairdresser

Like so many people my first port of call yesterday was the hairdresser.

It had been over 3 months since my last visit and my “ barnet’ was a mass of unruly curly and ends.  Yet it in an odd way I felt more youthful too.

My hairdresser had coped with the lockdown well – in some ways its easier for single people – as he is – and more difficult for those in a strained  relationship.

The floor of the salon was strewn with shorn locks.

I felt much the better afterwards.

I gave myself  a treat in London by reserving a room at Claridges but it was partly force majeur as most hotels are not re-opening till May 17th.

There is a  hairdressing connection as husband Ollie used to have his hair done by Ken there in the eighties.

I was shocked to learn that last year Ken died of covid.

Readers know how much store I put on first greeting.

There was a lady just inside the entrance who greeted me and then directed me to front desk. All was efficient.

I was given a tour of the restaurants and then conducted to my large room.

I particularly noted a spacious bathrooom and dressing room.

I was delighted in the bathroom to see my old Japanese friend – the toilet with hot water jets.

I deserve such luxury after months of lockdown of cooking, housework and deprivation of luxury.

I met an old friend and his son- my godson – at Hush for late lunch round the corner.

It’s USP is a huge open terrace thus it could open.

We were seated on the edge of the terrace in an alley, the only drawback being a biting wind.

The service was random. About 6 times as we were settling in, a waiter wanted our wine order but it did not end there as, once given, two more returned to ask again.

I was beginning to think one fancied me !!!!

My food (burrata and steamed stone bass) was quite delicious but there was a 45 minute gap between courses.

We were not bothered by time but I was getting hungry.

It’s not cheap especially the wine list where you would do well to find anything less than £50 but hey, it was in its own way a special occasion to be savoured.

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