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A la Colthard: Hotel du Vin/Wimbledon

I had last stayed at this hotel when it was the Cannizzaro, a Palladian house in the style of Kenwood with equally magnificent grounds.

However the hotel – especially the service – disappointed.

Now under the management of Hotel du Vin they have upped their game.

On arrival I was stuck behind an Australian booking in for a month asking question after question on the best room for him.

My impatience was clearly visible as the General Manager booked me in.

My room which they termed a suite had that eccentricity of the bath in the bedroom. I have never worked out the logic of this.

True from the bath you have fine views over the parkland but one would I prefer to enjoy from a comfy armchair.

I attended a lunch for my godson’s birthday at the Ivy Cafe in Wimbledon Village

This was much like every Ivy Cafe, which is not to be over- critical as the service is good, the food reliable and the prices fair.

The waiter succeeded in dropping a buttered knife over my neighbour followed by knocking a glass of wine over her!

I walked back over Wimbledon Common but found myself back in the room at 500pm, tired but not hungry.

After a quick nap I walked the parklands which had the most beautiful rhododendrons.

I enjoyed a couple of Pimms on the terrace of the hotel and one of my favourite pastas – risotto nero.

It was a lovely finale of a long warm evening to consummate a happy day.

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After graduating at RADA but finding no roles Daphne went into magazine journalism with Good Housekeeping. Widely recognised as one of the country's leading restaurant and hotel reviewers, particularly by herself, Daphne is the author of "Bedded and Breakfasted", a light hearted chick novel and Grand Hotels DC: the Daffers Dictionary. Daphne lives in West London and is married to an investment banker Oliver. They have 2 boys Humphrey and Tarquin. More Posts

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