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A la Colthard/the Chinese Takeaway

Yesterday I threw a wobbly about preparing and cooking yet another meal.

It stemmed from the sheer monotonous routine of it all and my frustration at not visiting – let alone reviewing – any restaurants.

Bless him my husband Ollie reacted sympathetically.

He said he is taking over the Friday dinner by ordering takeaway from our Chinese favourite restaurant locally.

This did kill two birds with one stone; I was absolved from preparation and we were supporting a restaurant we liked.

He ordered prawn sesame toast, Vietnamese spring rolls , sweet corn soup anda a quarter duck with pancakes.   If I’m totally honest I did not notice a huge difference between this fare and that offered by an upmarket supermarket. Ollie found a meaty Tuscan red from the cellar called Indaco to accompany.  It proved a most congenial repast

The restaurant also supplied fortune cookies. Ollie had a good laugh as the message within read

When the purse is emptied , the heart is filled.

I can’t think of a better description of our marriage …” he observed.

Perhaps it was the heady wine, or his thoughtfulness, or the fortune cookie, but when later he pressed against me who was I to deny him his conjugal rights!!!

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