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A la Colthard/ The Pig at Brockenhurst

The Pig at Brockenhurst is one of my faves. It must have been  4 years ago more or less to the day that Bob Tickler and I met up with his godson, his mother,  her sister and her husband for a delightfully relaxed autumnal meal.  This logistics mow rear Bob and I more or less live permanently in Sussex  were harder to organise . Because of the dire state of Southern Railway and the thought of a 6 hour rail  journey there and back , Bob engaged a local  driver he uses.   I soon appreciated that with his driver there two routes : his way and the wrong way. We allowed two and half hours for the outgoing journey but were stuck  in Amberley, the roundabouts of Chichester and Lyndhurst despite  Bob’s pre warning that the traffic was gridlocked and arrived 45 minutes late.

The Pig is owned by the  Hustons who cut their teeth on their Hotel du Vin Chain . They really know how to run an out of London restaurant / hotel . They’re are now Pigs at Studland, Southampton as well as the one that kicked it off at Brocknwhurst. I chose a hearty parsnip soup, a   tender pork with root vegetables and a scrumptious honey sponge.Bob who hates being late was irritated  by the drive and driver – at Storrington he did not allowa motorist out of a space causing the driver , to bang the window and challenge him to a fight.

But  back to the Pig. The restaurant is set in a conservatory . The tables are wooden and I could not help making a comparison with the last restaurant I reviewed, glitzy Scott’s. The clientele at Scott’s was finincially based , bespoke and very much a gathering for affluent metros whilst the Pig is far more countrified with the  diners more families in country casual. Bob was the only one on a tie. Also the grounds are at their best when the russet  autumnal leaves are still on the trees. The service was friendly and efficient though as the restaurant was full necessarily paced.  The cost  was £50 per person with one bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and three courses. Perhaps it was the difficult drive but I did not feel quite the same buzz as on the previous 2 occasions.  It would be a great  place for a romantic weekend but not with Bob’s driver with his clever and scenic routes you would be there longer than Alcatraz!!!!

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