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A la Colthard/ The Ram Inn Ferle

We often hear the words  “the new normal” and “return to normality” and I  wonder how both will affect restaurant life.

Restaurants are social and business hubs but increasing restraints to comply with government Covid regulations will affect this.

Ollie and I were confined and then wanted to stay in our second East Sussex  home. Aside from my beloved English’s in Brighton I have only visited country pubs with gardens.

When the weather is fine its so agreeable to drive through gladed country lanes and the rolling Downs to get there.

One pub that ticks all the boxes we chose for a Rust conflab yesterday was the Ram Inn at Ferle just off the A27.

It has a courtyard overlooking the village of Ferle at the front and a garden at the back.

I have visited it often and am never disappointed.

I chose a pea and ham terrine followed by hake. I tend to order dishes we do not have at home.  Both were good, especially the hake on a bed of gnocchi, olives and tomatoes.

I always leave room for pud, in this case raspberry creme brûlée – no good for the Daffers waistline but scrumptious all the same!

Most of the company had locally brewed ales or wine by the glass and it worked out at £40 per head.

It makes a refreshing change from London where you can be greeted by a supercilious young lady peering into her iPad and prices which have  become ridiculous.

Here the waitresses are smiling country girls who pace the service well and cannot do enough. The appearance of dogs only adds to the rural charm.

My only word of warning to those going for the first time is the lack of signage.

You take the A27 in the direction of Lewes and Eastbourne and take the turn off to Ferle.

However there is little Ram signage and you have to take a cul-de -sac and, just when you think you’re lost, a sign to the Ram car park appears.

As I stepped out of the passenger seat  I stepped into a large and muddy puddle which all but ruined  my Loubertins – no dashing Ruster on hand Walter Raleigh-style to lay down his cloak!!!!

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