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A la Colthard / The Ram Inn Firle

I have reviewed the Ram at Firle favourably before and after a pleasant lunch yesterday continue to do so.

We have a regular conflab there with the Rust web designer and another colleague.

This now has become more of a social with our web designer initially informing us that he has passed certain nautical exams and can now teach mariners.

This is something of a coincidence as he operates from Chichester Marina and we have bought a beach hut at nearby West Wittering.

Polly, Bob Tickler’s smart p/a advised us that “It’s an awful lot of money for a shed with no amenities”- it has neither electricity nor running water.

But as husband Olly said “This is no ordinary beach. This is the beach of residents Keith Richard and Kate Winslet” and various city grandees he knows.

My bro warned against the weather.

So far when its been hot as last weekend and Tuesday it’s overcrowded and when it is grey and rainy like today who would want to go there?

The other point according to Bob is they go for unbelievable sums. Those in Southwold fetch more than £100,000 and one in Christchurch was on the market for £330,000!!!

But back to the Ram at Firle.

Sussex country pubs have many things going for them not least their picturesque situation.

Firle is a pretty, leafy village on the Firle Estate, not far from the Bloomsbury outpost of Charleston, where all manner of cavorting between women and men, men and men and women and women took place !!!!

I wish I was invited !!!

More seriously if there has been one significant development of our national cuisine over the past 20 years its been the improvement in pub grub.

Gone are the lengthy queues at the bar for a gloopy microwave lasagne, washed down by an undrinkable rust-remover of a wine in a box, now replaced by inventive cuisine.

I ordered a gazpacho, a dish of which I regard myself as a connoisseur and indeed cooked my own on Tuesday.

Mine is always too tomato-ey but this had the creamy texture of those divine gazpachos we ate in Seville.

This as followed by a perfectly grilled pork cutlet.

My only criticism was the random service.

My panna cotta order was not taken properly and eventually arrived after the ice cream of our web designer.

My colleague’s coffee never arrived and food and drinks were brought to our table we never ordered. Better than queuing at the bar though.

The Ram has a gorgeous garden at the rear but we ate in a courtyard which was blazingly hot. All in all an excellent gastronomic and social experience.

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