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A la Colthard: Verona restaurants

I’ve had 3 meals – all lunches – in our hotel as it’s hit over 37 degrees here and I prefer the air conditioned dining room to the brutal midday heat.

The tour has organised trips to a different hostelry every night. The first night we went round the corner to the Osteria Verona Antica.

The owner greeted us a typical custom. He initially served up platters of local cheese and meats and a deliciously creamy mushroom polenta.

This was followed by a pasta of chicory, wine braised onions and smoked ricotta. Delicious!

I was less enamoured of his meatballs. The pud was a millefeuille. Scrumptious! Algy recommended Soave and Valpolicella and those served here were memorable.

I had been recommended 12 Apostles by a sophisticated Venetian friend and this was our venue Tuesday night.

The family have owned and run it for 100 years and Niccolo began by showing us around the archaeological daixoery of a Roman road in their basement. It’s now Michelin starred. They served gurnard ravioli, roasted lamb & blackcurrants with chocolate.

As with many such establishments they were bigger on explanation than portion.

The place was too dark too. Overall disappointing.

By contrast the family run Arche was more my sort.

The stuffed tomatoes with basil divine and the fillet of pork so tasty that I offered no resistance to a second helping served by the chef owner.

A fresh fruit salad and lots of red Bardolino made this the best restaurant for me so far.

Onto the Arena for Aida.

This was spectacular in terms of set, costume and song. However the temperature had not abated and we sweltered.

It was difficult to get water and the audience took photos throughout so for all these reasons I did not enjoy it as much as Carmen.

Two elegant Italian gals talked behind us but Bob gave them frosty disapproving glares!!