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A la Colthard/Wild Flor

We all know that feeling when for no apparent reason our plans for the day are derailed by the unforeseen.

This happened to me yesterday before I set out for Wild Flor in Hove.

I have to wind you back to 19th June when I visited a local bathroom store to purchase a shower fitting. This cost £254 and delivery was promised 4 days later. The date passed without delivery so I called the store.

The salesman apologised but there were problems in the warehouse causing no deliveries that week and I was promised delivery the following week. The next day the company went into liquidation and the store closed down.

I received a letter of appointment of liquidators who seemed more concerned by their fees than my money.

I had to file a proof of debt which took about an hour to complete and decided that as the liquidator’s office was not far from the restaurant where I was meeting a Spanish girlfriend Pilar I would drop the proof form off first.

The taxi driver could not find the office, we were stuck behind a level crossing, I was late, Pilar was already there – so I aborted mission.

By the time I arrived at Wild Flor I was stressed.

The restaurant has attracted praise in the nationals. See here for Andrew Parker Bowles’ review in the Mail on Sunday:
Wild Flor

I followed Andrew’s advice with the Ortiz anchovies which I found rather glutinous and oily. Pilar liked her croquettes.

I liked the pork belly but I had eaten this before and so not original.

The lemon parfait was delicious. We had a carafe of wine and I a Manzanilla and Poire William. Total bill £122.

The restaurant is small with maybe 15 tables. Hove is having something of a restaurant renaissance with Etch and the Market.

However there were at most 6 other diners.

The restaurant scene is tough here as there is not much trade Monday to Thursday so the question has to be asked will it survive? It is certainly above average, not too pricey and the staff tried hard. I wish them luck.

My best news came in the taxi when my accountant called to say that as I paid by credit card at the Bathstore the bank would refund me.

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