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A la la Colthard/ the good, the bad and the pretty

I enjoyed the first half of our trip in Provence. Our organisers were helpful and concerned hosts. Such trips do depend on the group and ours got on well, did not complain and Brexit discussion was avoided.

I agree that a healthy option has become an imposition which requires little culinary talent.

Nonetheless the setting of our final dinner, with its family warmth, was memorable. I have been to the Restaurant de la Tour in Sanary three times and always rated it and especially the fish baked in salt.

Sadly the bossy MC initially prorogued our order of it.

We were left with a mini platter of seafood to share. The sea bass in salt was nonetheless delicious.

La Poissonerie Laurent run by two brothers in the pretty port of Cassis has a deserved reputation for fresh fish.

However once again an order of fish soup and Bream was imposed. They obviously have a stock to clear of fresh fish as most diners were eating bream. Less the chef propose more he/she gives a ruling!!!

Another lapse was the leaving of wine in a bucket on the table which was not served by any waiter.

Cassis is worth a visit. En route we passed the winery of ex Fulham manager Jean Tigana.

We took a boat trip to the famous ‘calanques’ (coves).

These were notable for the height and beauty of the cliffs.

The boat had no cushions on its hard seats, no loo nor refreshments.

The commentary was in French It cost 21 Euros and the staff of two made it abundantly clear a tip was expected.

The French have style but mon Dieu they need to understand the basics of service!!

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