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A lifestyle change

I have made the decision that after 45 years of driving to hang up my car keys.

These days I only do 1000 miles annually and its always been at the front of my mind not to replace my ageing Volvo.

Three incidents in the last fortnight hastened my decision:

1) my tyre burst fortunately close to my home;

2) I had a scrape in car park space after a motorist had left little space to park;

3) a kiddie for a dare jumped out and ran across my car. Fortunately for both of us he made it to safely the other side but what if …

Factor in rude drivers, penalties for parking and cost, alternative forms of cheap transport and it became a simple decision.

I ran it past my accountant who advised the rule of thumb was that under 2000 miles annually it’s not worth it.

I do not enjoy driving and have regarded the function of car a not as a status symbol but to transport me from A to B safely.

Yesterday I walked to a neighbouring village with the sea to my side and took a bus home costing me £2. Much better.

I may miss the convenience of a car but there are car clubs for the short term. I may miss my only real pleasure of motoring – being on a quiet and peaceful stretch of road with an uplifting piece of music but that is not worth the £2500 annual cost.

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