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A masterclass

The word masterclass has become something of a cliché but there is no other to describe the 7-1 demolition by Bayern Munich of Roma in the Olimpico last night. Roma are a very good side and will probably qualify over Manchester City in the group. They were unbeaten at home this season and second only to Juventus in the serie A. In Pjanic they have one of the best midielders in Europe but they were 5 down at half time . Football always moves on. Though Pep Guardiola, erstwhile manager of Barclona  and now Bayern Munich, apparently detests the phrase tica-taca he has taken Bayern to a new level with a combination of pace and power that is awesome and beyond the possession game of his previous club. Ribery and Shaqiri are only on the bench,  Benatia – once of Roma and roundly booed for his move – is in my opinion the best defender in Europe and Neuer behind him the best keeper in the world.

Although the Premier League is touted by some as the best in the world, the Bundesliga has cheaper ticket prices, bigger attendances, more atmosphere in the stadium and better cohesion on the club and country issue. On Champions League night it’s not easy to decide the match to follow but I am sure pleased I did not miss this game as it will be remembered and revered for many years to come.

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