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A salute to the superior gender!

It has become a source of mockery for some to hurl at us but here in the sports department we make no apologies at all for our various campaigns and causes.

That said, we also like to think that we retain our sanity and senses of humour and fairness.

Take our slightly robust attitude towards the massive media over-promotion and positive action applied these days to women’s sport generally. It’s not only gone significantly beyond the proverbial joke but has now almost certainly become counter-productive.

Nevertheless, let us pay credit where credit is due.

When Jasmin Paris recently won the famous 268-mile Spine Race she was rightly praised for her outstanding effort.

See here for a report by Sean Ingle as appears upon the website of – THE GUARDIAN

It has never been our case that the Rust opposes women taking part in sport, or appearing in the media because of it, or indeed earning appreciable amounts of money and promotion out of their hard work and efforts in competition.

Our beef was with the PC and misguided logic of the feminist hordes that – if men get paid obscene amounts of money for just kicking a spherical ball full of air towards a pair of goal posts – then de facto so should women … irrespective of whatever lesser degree of skill, physicality and expertise they operate at any given time.

However, let us be free and open.

Sports scientists have testified that – despite their basic lesser strength and muscularity – women are actually very well suited to long-distance and/or duration events for a variety of potential physiological reasons.

Jasmin Paris thoroughly deserves her celebrity – and any fame and fortune – that comes from her recent Spine Race victory … and indeed any future similar that come her way.


Because on the day, she was the best competitor on the course – male or female. Nobody can take that away from her.

And who would want to, anyway?




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