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A satisfying chess win

One of the most interesting aspects of this fascinating game of chess is the sacrifice.

If you try and solve a chess puzzle there is normally a forced mate through sacrifice. However you can sacrifice early on in a game for positional advantage. This happened to me recently in a game against Start Rider.

I played the King’s Gambit the so-called darling of the romantics but these days considered to be unsound. My opponent sacrificed his knight early on to open up some attacking lines.

When defending a sacrifice you have the material advantage and look to exchange to get into the middle/end game as soon as possible to maximise that material advantage.

I had to play carefully but when I had the opportunity to counter-attack I did, winning three pawns and an unassailable advantage.

His king was exposed and my queen centrally placed. It was only a question of time before he resigned.

It was a satisfying win as he was a stronger player. Maybe he thought he could play boldly as my ranking was weaker. He was mistaken.

He did however give me a most enjoyable game and satisfying victory.

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