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A view at Christies

Almost all of my posts have been reviews of arts programmes so yesterday I was delighted to view the Picasso ceramics at Christie’s.

Particularly if you are a buyer it’s essential to view and inspect to assess condition.

The ceramics were displayed in a airy space that only heightened their bold colours.

They are mainly plates, bowls and vases reflecting a fecund creative association between Picasso and the Modura pottery in Vallauris near Antibes where Picasso lived.

He intended them as affordable art and for many years its was by far the cheapest way to acquire a Picasso.

He would do a master copy and the pottery would run off copies. The film actor and director Richard Attenborough, who also lived in Vallauris, acquired some he used as vases and when he passed away the selling off of his collection by his Estate heralded the first rise in prices.

Then the owners of the Modura pottery cashed in on theirs and the market really began to take off.

Christies were quick to see their potential, holding four global  auctions annually. These result in 100% sales.  Generally at these auctions about 80% I have seen before. I guess collectors are selling theirs when they see the prices.

They are gorgeous pieces of colour and form fully representative of Picasso.

He was a restless genius forever experimenting with his pink period, blue period, cubism and surrealism and his ceramics merit comparison with the best of his works.

As I left the space housing them I saw a section marked “International private sales” where in total isolation I could appreciate two Claude Monets and one Paul Cezanne.

What a satisfying way to appreciate fine art.

I had time to go to the Royal Academy to purchase a ticket for the Gauguin exhibition.

I  dislike blockbuster exhibitions but I’m hopeful that under the restrictions I can view the works peaceably.

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