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A view from the back seat

On this organ we aim to provide an alternative take on the world from that which habitually appears in the media – this partly because there’s so much which habitually appears in the media already  that there seems little point in offering even more.

That said, sometimes there are professional columnists and reporters whose insights and/or scribblings are of sufficient quality that one can but salute, admire and enjoy – especially when they’re tinged with absurdist humour and/or savage character assassinations .

Here are some pieces that I’ve spotted recently which raised a smile or two – and advance apologies for their ‘subject of the moment’ being Brexit but, to an extent, that’s half the point. Amidst a tsunami tide of 24/7 coverage and analysis it must be a Herculean task to come up with anything unique and different, so I request you to doff your caps to:

Tom Peck unloading on developing events – and the leading actors – in the House of Commons, upon the website of – THE INDEPENDENT

John Crace doing likewise, for – THE GUARDIAN

And also Marina Hyde – THE GUARDIAN

Not one of his very finest, but one of my favourites Quentin Letts firing a salvo or two as appears upon the website of the – DAILY MAIL

Ah well, I shall be back to listening to the BBC Radio’s shipping forecast from tomorrow …

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