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A view from the back seat

On this organ we aim to provide an alternative take on the world from that which habitually appears in the media – this partly because there’s so much which habitually appears in the media already¬† that there seems little point in offering even more.

That said, sometimes there are professional columnists and reporters whose insights and/or scribblings are of sufficient quality that one can but salute, admire and enjoy – especially when they’re tinged with absurdist humour and/or savage character assassinations .

Here are some pieces that I’ve spotted recently which raised a smile or two – and advance apologies for their ‘subject of the moment’ being Brexit but, to an extent, that’s half the point. Amidst a tsunami tide of 24/7 coverage and analysis it must be a Herculean task to come up with anything unique and different, so I request you to doff your caps to:

Tom Peck unloading on developing events – and the leading actors – in the House of Commons, upon the website of – THE INDEPENDENT

John Crace doing likewise, for – THE GUARDIAN

And also Marina Hyde – THE GUARDIAN

Not one of his very finest, but one of my favourites Quentin Letts firing a salvo or two as appears upon the website of the – DAILY MAIL

Ah well, I shall be back to listening to the BBC Radio’s shipping forecast from tomorrow …

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