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An appointment with a dietician

Wendy Lewis applauds a government initiative

I accompanied a friend to a dietician appointment having obtained clearance from all concerned that I could use the consultation for an article.

My friend Richard was somewhat cynical. He has been diagnosed with class 2 diabetes and advised to lose weight. This he has done by reducing bread, potatoes and beer. The trouble is he moaned to me that my GP thinks I am an alcoholic and won’t see the difference between someone who drinks too much but is not dependent on it and a full on drunkard.

I found the dietician had a sympathetic manner working through his diet and making some helpful comments. She produced a glycemic index of food. Richard was surprised that water melon and water biscuits were high on it . She advised portion control and greater exercise but in so doing retained a softly , softly approach. A further appointment was made in 2 months time. Various pamphlets were handed over.

The health authorities are to be congratulated in tackling diabetes and obesity. Not only has this every chance of creating a healthier population but less strain on medical resources in years to come