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And a quick one from me …

It’s a funny old world, but then we all knew that already, didn’t we?

At the moment – well, as of midnight though things may have changed by the time I post this – yesterday we had the results of the first round of the Tory leadership contest, the Change UK party has had to change its name and … er … the news from the other half of Change UK, i.e. the 50% that split away after a row over tactics, is that Chuka Ummana has split from them as well and is about to join the Lib-Dems.

Having watched the BBC new on television last night and dipped in and out of BBC radio coverage during the day and then learning that Boris Johnson had registered far and away the biggest number of first round votes the in Tory leadership contest, it seems to me that all the other contestants – well those that are still left in it – are now scrambling desperately to try and decide which of them might be the best compromise man (or woman) “Stop Boris” candidate to get behind.

This against a background in which all pundits, pollsters and reporters have agreed that, if Boris manages to reach the Tory’s required “Final Two” candidates to be offered as raw meat to the Tory Party members out in the shires, he will win by the biggest margin since the Mongol Ghengis Khan allegedly wiped 40 million people (11% of the total world population at the time) off the face of the earth and stood unopposed for the position of ruler of the city of Yinchuan in 1227 and then died from his injuries after falling off his horse.

Notwithstanding the unprecedented state that the nation – or rather our elected politicians – have got themselves into since the 2016 EU Referendum, none of the above is a particular surprise to me.

If you begin from the proposition that democracy is nothing more than a sham, viz. a man-made device whereby “the Establishment” kids both itself and the population at large that it has a credible right to rule the country – any country – as they wish, our current predicament is simply the truth made transparent for all to see.

And what’s so bad about that?

I’ll be back off down the pub as soon as it opens for business this morning …



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