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Arsene of the Arsenal?

I have no particular allegiance to the Arsenal though I have several friends who are fanatics. I have viewed the final reign of Arsenal Wenger with interest but indignation too. Some time ago wiseacres were saying that he had the right to determine when he would go. This is plainly nonsense and shows how far removed football is from business. In Arsenal’s case as with every football club its the right of the owner, shareholders and agitation of the fans that will determine a departure often ruthlessly and abruptly.

My indignation is that after 19 years of consistent success he deserves to leave with dignity. The press are frustrated that he is coy and reticent with them as they like to be up to speed but Arsenal like any club needs to have his successor in hand. Juventus boss Allegri is strongly linked but will he go to a club not in the Champions league from one in the quarter final and all but crowned as serie a champion ? And if not Allegri, who? Look at Aston Villa, languishing mid-table in the Championship but not so long ago a team lying just off the Champions league berths. Successive managers and a detached US owner did not bring their fans much success.

Wenger critics will say he never changed his coaching staff; after David Dein, he was too hands on; that he lost his touch in the market,that he was arrogant. Arsenal never won anything from 1952 to 1970. When George Graham brought silverware it was dour stuff “1-0 to the Arsenal” and his reign ended in ignominy. 18 consecutive years in the Champions league, an innovative approach to fitness symbolised in the training camp, he masterminded the League titles FA Cups, the fluent pasign style the supremacy over Spurs deservea a better denouement then this.

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