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Now let’s get this straight. The whole sad, sorry, pathetic, Establishment-revealing Brexit saga is somebody else’s fault, okay?

Way back in the Dark Ages the blame lies with Harold Macmillan – you know the one, the patriarchal cove who instigated “the night of the long knives’ against his own cabinet, told the electorate “You’ve never had it so good”.

Despite that French shit de Gaulle regularly repeating that he was totally against the UK joining the EEC, no doubt because he knew that if we ever got involved we’d insist upon it being run properly and therefore those like France who were operating a corrupt cabal in order to suit their own [reference e.g. the Common Agricultural Policy] would be called to account – dear old Harold inadvertently humiliated us as a nation by insisting upon applying for membership and immediately getting “two-fingered” (sorry, vetoed) by de Gaulle.

Then it was the fault of Harold Wilson (and/or was it Ted Heath?) as the issue of EEC membership gripped the nation in the late Sixties and early Seventies.

Well, let us be honest –  it didn’t really grip the nation at all because England had won the football World Cup in 1966 and nothing else mattered.

Instead, of course, it was basically a continuation of the eternal game of party-political self-interest and advantage, a great conspiracy of the UK Establishment and their Fat Cat mates who ended up ‘buying’ (sorry, influencing) the 1975 EEC Referendum result with ladles of propaganda about how if we joined we wouldn’t ever be surrendering any of our sovereignty, just joining a common market with potentially huge commercial benefits to ourselves once, of course, we’d taken over and re-organised everything so that it ran properly and efficiently.

Then it was a case of Maastricht … the Euro … and … er …the Lisbon Treaty (and by the way, how we ever quite managed to escape committing to join the Euro none of us will ever know).

These were all milestone instances of the UK being dragged reluctantly further and further down the road of the “EU federal state” ultimate goal by the anti-democratic, faceless bureaucrats embedded in the EU Commission and its attendant units, their pompous ‘entitled’ faces permanently snout-deep in the put-upon taxpayer-funded gravy train trough, all the while conveniently ignoring any popular votes that rejected their fanciful designs that had been originally sketched out on the back of an envelope over the course of one hundred and thirty three four-course lunches with very expensive wines in a well-known Strasbourg restaurant.

Then it was the fault of Tony Blair for agreeing irrevocably to surrender the UK rebate on the EU Budget negotiated by Mrs Thatcher (Milk Snatcher).

He did this supposedly in return for reforms to the Common Agricultural Policy – whereupon, of course, the latter never materialised because France (the main beneficiary of the CAP) just declined to answer any phone calls from anyone wishing to discuss the initiative until it (inevitably) “went away” and was eventually quietly buried in the very-full graveyard of every attempt that has ever been made to reform or improve the way the EU runs anything.

And then we come to the real villain of the piece – David Ruddy Cameron.

Educated like Boris at Eton and the Bullingdon Club, he above everyone was the UK Establishment personified.

Attempting to neutralise the threat of UKIP to the Tory Party, he instigated the 2016 EU Referendum and set off with a doomed-before-it-began shopping list of piddling reforms to the EU that the UK (sorry, he – David Cameron) needed in order to get the ‘right’ result over the line – frustratingly but inevitably, of course, duly getting point-blank rebuffed by the EU – so that he had then to quietly drop it and instead send out to the UK electorate a Government-issued pamphlet listing in glorious detail exactly what leaving the EU would mean, stupidly believing it would frighten the electorate into voting Remain.

Which it didn’t.

… And thus we reached where we are.

Which now brings us to September 2019 and the position of the Labour Party which, like all our cosy club of Establishment parties in the House of Commons, for the past fifty years has been trying to work out which attitude to the EU best suits its own interests.

At the moment – courtesy of Emily Thornbury on last week’s BBC Question Time, Jeremy Corbyn flip-flopping all over the place and now John McDonnell as interviewed on yesterday’s Andrew Marr Show – it amounts to this.

We have to stop a No-Deal Brexit. And Boris.

So what we want is first for Parliament to thwart Boris by forcing him to take No-Deal off the table and ask for another extension.

We don’t want a General Election yet because we might lose it, so instead – if Boris goes and we get into power, supposedly as the lead party in a Government of national unity – we want to ‘renegotiate’ Mrs May’s deal (which we helped Parliament to reject three times) and, when we’ve done that and agreed it with the EU, put it to a second Referendum (or “People’s Vote”) … in which we’re then going to campaign and vote for Remain.

Yesterday morning before lunch I went out to the shops, as I did tuned to the BBC’s Radio Five Live as John Pienaar interviewed Barry Gardiner, Labour’s hapless Shadow Minister (Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) (Energy and Climate Change).

Our Barry is possessed of a soothing voice dripping with portentous self-importance that has an unerring capacity to induce sleep in the listener.

Repeatedly asked to explain Labour’s position he fillibustered as if there was no tomorrow.

Next, asked what would appear on Labour’s Second Referendum ballot paper, he ran into deep waters trying to explain the logic behind his stated response of “Labour’s newly-negotiated Brexit Deal” and “Remain” – this in a context where Labour would be campaigning for Remain.

Finally, his best/worst shot was that, were ‘the People’ to be so foolish as to still vote to Leave in a Second Referendum, then he would accept the result, albeit they had to understand that this would not be the end of the matter.

Brexit would go on dominating everything for up to a decade after any Leave because, of course, it would take that long for tortuous negotiations about what sort of trade deal we would end up having with the EU was decided and implemented.

The moment Our Barry said this it seemed to me as plain as a pikestaff that the cat was out of the bag.

The UK Establishment – Labour included – are hell bent upon securing Remain at any price.

After all – let us not forget – whether what ends up on any Second Referendum ballot paper is Mrs May’s Discredited (And Rejected by Parliament) [yet apparently possibly as one option about to be revived in a slightly different format?] Deal … or indeed a brand new ‘Negotiated By Labour’ Deal … they’re both going to take two to three years (if not more) to negotiate anyway.


Because – as we’ve been reminded by politicians, pundits and journalists alike until the cows come home – Mrs May’s Deal is a two part thingy – first the Withdrawal Agreement … and second the Trade Deal, which will only begin to be negotiated after we’ve technically left the EU, if we ever do.

In other words – what Our Barry is effectively saying is that any Second Referendum vote other than Remain … even one for any ‘Negotiated By Labour’ Deal that ever materialises … will ensure that the UK will be beset by Brexit Domination for the next decade.

Ergo – obviously – the only way to vote to put it all to an end (and behind us) is to vote Remain!

It’s apparently called democracy. This week anyway.

[Pardon me for saying it, but suddenly this morning it seems to me that going for broke with a No-Deal Brexit on 31st October is suddenly beginning to have its attractions!

At the very least we’d be able to begin negotiating own own deals around the world from Day One, rather than being hobbled or hog-tied by all the EU regulations and restrictions that we’d automatically remain subject to whilst any negotiating period with the EU progressed upon its snail’s-pace interminable way … with the EU negotiators determined, naturally or ‘under orders’, to ‘pay us back for leaving them in the first place’!].





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