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Champions League qualifiers

As often as not, a match on which much hangs can result in a cagey game.

Not so Barcelona v Inter Milan last night.

Barcelona’s debts are said to have reached 1 billion euros and their  future revenue streams have been compromised.

Although on top of La Liga they must qualify for the business end of the Champions League.

They are in a tough group with Bayern, whom they still have to play, and Inter.

Last week they lost 0-1 in Milan.

Last night’s match was a stirring ding-dong encounter ending 3-3.

Even in extra time Barca keeper Ten Stegen had to produce two brilliant saves to deny Inter victory.

In all probability Inter and Bayern will qualify.

One Italian club that will not is the mighty Juventus.

Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea are there but Spurs – in a tight group – still have some work to do and their final game in Marseilles looks crucial.

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